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It’s 2013. Hugh, the younger brother, is visiting Howard, the older brother, for the weekend. They are in Howard’s rented apartment on the 15th floor of Golden Lane, in central London, with panoramic views across The City and the East End .


The brothers are listening to records and talking about furniture and design. Hugh’s lamenting about how most audio furniture is weird, clunky and gross. He’s got an idea for a mid-century-inspired piece that would look great with a turntable. Howard riffs on the idea…

“ What if the turntable didn’t go on the furniture. What if the turntable was the furniture”...

The Folded Record Bureau was born!

About the brothers

H. Miller Bros. Workshop | the home of Folded Record Bureau

Hugh and Howard Miller have been designing and making together since childhood. Being brothers, they share an understanding and ambition that transcends most normal business partnerships. Central to their success as a team is that the brothers bring complementary skills: Howard is an architect and Hugh is a furniture maker. When combined, the results are something greater than the sum of their parts.


The brothers run H. Miller Bros., a design studio and making workshop specialising in high-end woodwork. From products and furniture, to fitted cabinetry and kitchens, to whole-house refurbishments and architecture, the brothers take on projects for design loving clients across the UK and farther afield.


The Folded Record Bureau is their baby. It’s been over a decade in development. The mid-century styling, the band of folded wood, the lovely craftsmanship - it’s all been there from the very start. Now it’s ready. Come and get it.


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