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Bacardi Mixing Table

A console designed for mixing......

Bacardi Mixing Table

In the spring of 2020, BACARDÍ approached us to create a limited edition vinyl mixing console to celebrate the brand’s range of premium aged rums. The piece was to be used as a demonstration of the brand’s Caribbean heritage and the premium quality of these matured spirits. Not only was the table to provide a platform to craft some bar-quality drinks, it also needed to incorporate a number of very special features. Firstly, the table was to have a built-in vinyl player, so drinks could be enjoyed with music. Secondly, the table was to include in its construction, the oak barrels that were used to age the liquor. And lastly, the design should exhibit the unique Caribbean aesthetic heritage from which BACARDÍ originates.

So was born The BACARDÍ vinyl mixing console. The piece takes inspiration from the heritage of BACARDÍ as an icon of Caribbean culture. This unique visual identity is defined by retrofitting, updating and mixing and is exemplified by the baroque legs that are blended with an art deco curved speaker grille and a glassware shelf lined in vibrant tropical print. BACARDI’s premium range is aged in beautiful oak barrels and these have been added into the mix, with sections of barrel stave cast into rum-coloured resin, forming the console top. It’s a carnival in a cabinet and the perfect complement for festive drinks at home.

A limited edition of 12 pieces were made by us and delivered to destinations all over Europe.


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