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Bespoke Projects

We love vinyl. And we love incorporating vinyl players into our projects big and small.

Below is a selection of spepcial proejcts where we integretated a vinyl player into the design.

Bacardi Mixing Table

Bacardi Mixing Table

A console designed for mixing......

Mid Century Kitchen by H. Miller Bros.

Mid-Century Kitchen Turntable

What mid-century kitchen would be complete without a record player?

Folded Record Bureau

Beogram Bureau

The original....

Do you have a project in mind in need of a bespoke turntable or integreated record player? If so, let's talk...


Looking for something Truely bespoke?

Make your dream Record Bureau a reality...

From integrating your exact spec of audio components, to incorporating the features, dimensions and wood you like, we can make a bureau that's just for you.


Who we are...


Record Bureaus...

Which bureau is right for you?

Specifications in high-def...

Download the tech-spec
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