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Mid-Century Kitchen Turntable

What mid-century kitchen would be complete without a record player?

Mid-Century Kitchen Turntable

Inspired by the client's collection of mid-century furniture, we created a mid-century style kitchen that was stylish, sophisticated and infused with the sense of optimism and fun that defines mid-century aesthetic. The result is a kitchen where the family (both nuclear and extended) could gather, cook, eat, and socialise.

We are devotees of Modernist architecture and have a particular passion for kitchen design authentic to this time period. We struck on the idea of channelling an ‘architect’s drawing’ aesthetic: treating the layout of the kitchen fronts like the elevation of a building; paying particular attention to geometric composition, hierarchy, layering and articulation. We wanted to draw the kitchen with a delicate line weight: as if it were drawn on graph paper. This led to the minimal timber strips stained black that run between the door and drawer fronts that pick out a grid. At just 8mm thick, they are incredibly subtle, but give a totally different effect that, say, a regular shadow gap would not.

A standout feature to this kitchen is the built-in vinyl turntable, as no mid-century kitchen would be complete without one.


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