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The #B.021ft-s integrated record bureau is your companion into the world of vinyl. Made from a band of wood, folded into a bureau, the #B.021ft-s is an intriguing, conversation-starting piece of design, worthy of your precious record collection.


Select from a range of bench-mark turntables, and we'll integrate your chosen player, with all of it's controls and connectivity, seamlessly into the surface of your bureau.


The heavy-weight construction, glued and jointed mitres, and solid back panel make the piece exceptionally ridged, with low resonant vibration, ensuring a smooth, detailed play-back. The piece is finished in our high-performance PU lacquer, that is reistant to all type of spills and stains, and contains anti-yellowing compounds to stop the piece discolouring over time. 


Records are stored on the angled shelf, and our signature 'folio' up-turned end provides a place to store the record you’re playing, or you 'up-next' playlist. Cables are managed effortlessly with adjustable straps which route your turntable to your hifi separates, and then on to speakers / power outlets.


A solid hardwood dowel on the left side allows a pair of headphones, or aux leads or cables, to be hung up ready for use.

#B.021ft-s | Baby Bureau + hifi shelf

PriceFrom £1,850.00
VAT Included |
  • Length: 131.5cm / 51.5"

    Width: 45cm / 17.5"

    Height: 625cm / 24.5"

    Weight: 54kg / 119lb

    Record shelf capacity: 103no. (12" vinyl in sleeves, 5mm / 3/5" thick each)




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