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The #M.01tt-s is our flagship bureau, build without compromise and with the audiophile in mind. Made from solid hardwood throughout, and with steel reinforcement to the bureau top and record shelf, this is a piece with longevity and audio quality at the forefront.



The iconic looks of the Folded Record Bureau demand attention from the most sophisticated and discerning gathering of audio-aficionados. The solid hardwood band folds around itself, punching through on bureau top, before diving back under the surface to create an angled record shelf and our signature ‘folio’ upturned end.



The heavy-weight construction, glued and jointed solid hardwood mitres, and solid hardwood back panel make the piece exceptionally ridged, with low resonant vibration, ensuring a smooth, detailed play-back. The piece is finished in our high-performance PU lacquer, that is resistant to all type of spills and stains, and contains anti-yellowing compounds to stop the piece discolouring over time.


Unparallel customisation:

The #M.01tt-s can be configured to your exact requirements, with a choice of 9 premium hardwoods, the addition of hanging shelves for hifi separates, and a choice of exceptional turntables seamlessly integrated into the surface of your bureau.



An expanded record shelf below the integrated turntable gives space for up to 250 records, and our ‘folio’ upturned end provides a place to stack a whole evening of ‘up-next’ records. Hi-fi separates can be mounted on the hanging shelves on the right side of the piece and cables are managed effortlessly with adjustable straps fixed to back panel.



#M.01tt-s | Folded Record Bureau with integrated turntable and HiFi shelves

PriceFrom £10,550.00
VAT Included |
  • Length: 173.5cm / 68.5"

    Width: 50cm / 20"

    Height: 610cm / 24"

    Weight: 75kg / 165lb

    Record shelf capacity: 250no. (12" vinyl in sleeves, 5mm / 3/5" thick each)


    Tech-specs for integrated players:

    Rega Planar 6

    Pro-ject JukeBox S

    Rega Planar 3

    Pro-ject Debut Pro

    Pro-ject The classic Evo

    Thorens TD 403 DD




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